We are available the year round to help you with any tax or financial matter that comes up. Each client has their own unique situation, circumstances, and needs; so we strive to develop a working relationship with each client.



An extremely valuable tool when dealing with your tax issue is having a competent power of attorney representing you; someone who can be a friend in your corner making sure rules and guidelines are being followed. Often, when trying to resolve your own debt, you get misinformation, unfounded threats, and even harsh treatment and blame from the IRS or State. While it can be difficult enough trying to pay the debt, having to “fight” them makes it even harder and more discouraging also. Many people, when facing this type of treatment, simply give up and let the IRS or State do what they will.

It is important for you to make sure that the IRS or State representative you are working with, or will encounter when you decide to resolve the debt, knows the rules as they pertain to your case. This gives them an advantage over you. All you can do is hope they are being fair. In many cases, there are several different options other than what they have told or offered you, but there is no way for you to know that unless you are educated in the resolution process. Once a power of attorney is submitted on your or your business’ behalf, the IRS, Revenue Officer or State, depending on who is handling your debt, is obligated and required to work with that person. Your professional representative will know these rules and options, therefore leveling the playing field and making the resolution easier on you, your business, and family.

Several immediate benefits are:

  • a buffer between you and the IRS/State, often stopping collections on the spot
  • breathing room for you to focus on your business and personal affairs
  • accurate information regarding the status of your situation
  • up-to-date accounting from the IRS/State regarding the debt, payments, filing etc.



We can instantly file not only individual returns but also returns for partnerships, corporations, and fiduciary returns for estates and trusts.
It is more accurate, environmentally friendly, and faster! You get your refund in a matter of days as compared to 6 to 8 weeks.


Non-Filer and Late-Filer

If you have not filed returns and need help to get caught up, we can help you get back on track and help you deal with the IRS or other taxing authorities.


Tax Resolution

Dealing with an IRS tax issue can be a troubling and stressful undertaking at best. The pressure of talking to the IRS is too much for some people to handle, and having to pay back taxes in large sums can be impossible, yet they still come after you. Having to go back and forth with an IRS agent can be a vicious cycle that can lead to high blood pressure, loss of income, family arguments, and, at times, can lead to loss of property you worked hard to earn.
What we have learned, and can implement for you, is a way of working through the IRS guidelines and bureaucracy to take the pressure off once and for all. We will work with you to put this issue behind you in a way that keeps you in charge of your family’s finances and still keeps the IRS happy in resolving the tax debt. We are here to work for you, and be that buffer you need between you and the IRS in order to give you time to put a plan together that works.
In resolving your tax liability, we will take a comprehensive look at you financial statements (prepared by us, on the proper IRS forms) and find the best means of resolution for you. Whether it’s in the form of an Offer in Compromise, a reasonable payment plan followed by penalty of abatement, or having your account placed in Currently Non Collectable Status, our fee covers putting you in the best legal position there is for you to fix your debt. If, in still trying to resolve the debt you are unable to make headway, you may want to consider us in representing you before the IRS or State.


Notary Public

Alan makes this service available to his clients free of charge.